All Wild Animals Are Dangerous

Human conflicts with raccoons, squirrells and snakes can be down rite frightening. However, most conflicts that result in human injury involve the most common wild animals. Conflicts with wildlife are primarily caused by inappropriate human behavior or someone who is un trained to deal with the situation.

Many people mistakenly believe that there are specific gestures and warnings wild animals make that will give people time to retreat to safety. Wild animals (including opossums, woodchucks, bear, snakes, rats, squirrels and raccoons) are individualistic and unpredictable. Animals that ignore you, look calm, or apprear friendly may suddenly attack you and without a warning charge or sound.

Human injury often occurs when any animal responds to a perceived threat with instinctive “fight or flight behavior”. People get injured simply because they are too close and in the animals way. A car horn, barking dog or excited child can trigger an animal into a fight or flight behavior.

Both females and males of most species are equally dangerous.

Although animals may look or act tame, they are extremely wild and may change there domineer quickly and unpredictably from passive or “friendly” to aggressive behavior.

If an animal approaches you, or you think one may be living under your deck or shed. Maybe worse in your attic or walls, it is your responsibility to move away to maintain a safe distance and call in a professional


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